Titanic Aftermath - a play in three acts

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  1. Causes and Effects of the Rapid Sinking of the Titanic
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He explained how they were almost the first people in the life boat because others thought it safer to stay on the 'big boat'. The archive of photos and letters have remained in the Snyder family all this time but have now emerged for sale at auction. The incredible photos were taken from the deck of the Carpathia, the first ship that arrived at the disaster scene and picked up survivors on the morning of April 15, Another rescue ship - the SS Californian - can been seen in the background after she finally arrived at the scene having at first ignored the Titanic's distress rockets.

There is also a picture of the Snyders shortly after they reached land and they are still wearing the clothes they were rescued in. A press report at the time suggested that before the Titanic sank someone on deck shouted 'put in the brides and grooms first' and that was why the Snyders were saved. But in his letter to his father dated April 24 Mr Snyder makes no mention of it, but his account reveals the confusion.

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Rescue: The SS California is pictured at the scene, having initially ignored the Titanic's distress rockets. Dubbed the 'unsinkable' ship, the Titanic famously struck an iceberg and sank in under three hours on April 15, Of the 2, on board, 1, passengers and crew perished. It lay unseen on the ocean floor for decades, until , when an American-French expedition identified its final resting place miles south-east of Newfoundland.

The wreck, which was split into two sections 2,ft apart, has now been the focus of research by scientists and historians for 25 years. He wrote: 'I can only tell you that I have a mighty fine wife and she is the one you must thank - besides our Lord - for my being able to write this letter. She is the one that urged me to get up when I wanted to go back to bed. I don't know whether the bump woke me up or I woke when Nelle spoke to me.

Causes and Effects of the Rapid Sinking of the Titanic

Mr Weiss said: 'The initial items came from John and Nelle Snyder who were saved and over the years the family has added to the archive. Watery grave: The bow of the Titanic at rest on the bottom of the North Atlantic, about miles south east of Newfoundland. Mr Snyder was aged 24 at the time of the sinking and his wife Nelle was 23 and they had boarded the Titanic at Southampton.

Mr Snyder died in aged 71 from a heart attack on a golf course. He and Nelle lived in Minneapolis where he ran a automotive firm. Nelle died in age 94 and the couple had three children. Isadore Straus: The elderly couple drowned side by side in the disaster after Ida refused a place on a lifeboat to remain with her husband. Ida and Isidore Straus drowned side by side after Mrs Straus refused a place on a lifeboat to remain with her husband - a scene iconically depicted in the Titanic film.

The deck plans were only handed out to the first class passengers when they arrived on the ship in Southampton on April 10, It is believed only three of them from the ship exist today, with two in private collections and this one now on the open market.

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Witness accounts stated the plan's owners sat on deckchairs and held hands until they were washed into the sea as the Titanic sank. In the Hollywood blockbuster, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, artistic licence was used to show the devoted couple cuddling up together on their bed. In the emotive scene, Mr Straus gives his wife a kiss on the cheek while their stateroom floods. The plan was in the possession of the Straus' maid Ellen Bird who survived the disaster in which 1, people were lost.

She kept hold of the 41x29in document for the rest of her life and it has now been put up for auction by the current private owner. Despite its age and fragile condition the delicate piece of tissue paper has remained in one piece over the last 99 years. Andrew Aldridge, of auctioneers Henry Aldridge and Son of Devizes, Wilts, which is selling the plan said: 'This represents the zenith of collectables pertaining to Titanic. Staterooms on decks C and D demonstrate the difference between the standards of room. The reverse shows the layout of the top five decks that made up the first class accommodation and facilities like the restaurants, swimming baths, gymnasium and squash courts.

Each room is numbered in red ink and the plan is incredibly detailed, marking out the beds, wash basins and wardrobes inside. Different class: The pictures on the left of decks A and B show the opulence in which some stayed compared with those in the lower classes on decks C and D.

Titanic pictures from 1912: Poignant photos from the aftermath

There is still pencilled notations made by Miss Bird who marked with a cross her suit of C97 which was next door to the suite occupied by John Farthing -Mr Straus' man servant who died in the disaster. Miss Bird's room was directly opposite the Straus' lavish stateroom numbered C which had its own bedroom and separate sitting room. The plan also includes several printed photos of some of the onboard facilities as well as a list of them and directions and instructions for the passengers.

Mr Straus, 63, was a wealthy businessman who owned the Macey's department store in New York.

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He and his family were returning to America on Titanic following a holiday in Europe. Their year-old granddaughter Beatrice holidayed with them but stayed on in Germany. After the 45, ton liner struck an iceberg at At first Mrs Straus, 63, joined Mrs Bird in lifeboat eight before getting out to be with her husband, reportedly saying: 'We have lived together for many years.

Where you go, I go. Her body was never recovered unlike that of her husband. The auction takes place in Devizes on Saturday, October Doomed: The 'unsinkable' Titanic setting sail from Southampton in Share or comment on this article: Titanic pictures from Poignant photos from the aftermath e-mail.

Titanic: For Arthur Peuchen, surviving the disaster as a man brought years of finger-pointing

Another friend was Charles Hays, general manager of the Grand Trunk Railway, en route to Ottawa to attend the opening ceremonies of his new flagship hotel, the Chateau Laurier. The first four days of the voyage were uneventful. On Sunday morning Peuchen anticipated a lifeboat drill and was surprised when none occurred. Sunday afternoon the temperature dropped 30 degrees but the ship proceeded ahead at full speed. Thinking it unusual he ran up the Grand Staircase, meeting a friend who laughingly told him that the ship had struck an iceberg.

A half-hour later Peuchen was shocked to find the ship listing. Hearing the order for lifebelts and boats, he returned to his cabin and put on heavy clothing and his life preserver. On the boat deck the covers had been taken off the lifeboats and the ropes were in position to lower them to the sea. Before that time, we will have assistance. Peuchen was surprised by the lack of available sailors around the lifeboats. The crew also appeared unaccustomed to working together. Second Officer Lightloller asked Peuchen for help so he cut the lashings with a knife, and removed the masts and sails.

The command was sounded by the captain to board the women and children. Lightloller carried out the command to the word, allowing no men onboard, though the boats were only half-filled. The officer on the starboard side understood women and children first and allowed men on after the women boarded. Lightloller thought the boats could not be filled and lowered at full capacity so Lifeboat 6 was lowered filled with only two dozen occupants, though it had capacity for When it reached the level of the C deck, a sailor called up that more sailors were needed to man the boat. As none were available, Peuchen offered to help, identifying himself as a yachtsman.

Lightloller told him that if he was sailor enough to get to the lifeboat he could go.

Reverse - Titanic: 1997 Sinking (REVISED EDITION)

A seaman swung a piece of line from the blocks, Peuchen grabbed it, swung himself off the Titanic and lowered himself into the lifeboat. They rowed the lifeboat away from the Titanic to avoid the suction when the ship sank. People came tumbling down like so many oranges. Chain ropes, furniture and human beings were hurled in a terrible jumble into the sea, as if rolling down a steep hill. Who was responsible for ordering the ship to travel at record speeds through a known ice field, or for ignoring warnings from other ships?

Who failed to provide the lookout with binoculars, to provide a sufficient number of lifeboats, or to hold practice drills, as all ships were mandated to do? Who was responsible for the failure to call a general alarm or for the fact that crew members were not available to man the lifeboats?

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Who locked the third-class passengers into their area, blocking their access to the lifeboats? There was plenty of fully justified blame to go around, from the abject failures of the captain, to the sailors under his command, to those who saw fit to speed through a known icefield. Peuchen was simply a passenger who had the skills to help and who stepped forward when help was sought.

If it had been a fire he would have said he was a fireman. There is much to be explored and analyzed on why those who are not tested in the throes of disaster seek to impose the labels of heroes or cowards on those who survive.

https://planvolkonfropeed.tk Some even stooped to sending hate mail to the children at their schools. Many myths have emerged regarding what happened to Peuchen after the Titanic. He was supposed to follow the three act tragedy: the first being the gilded life, then the catastrophe, then the final act being the descent to the pitiful end. Peuchen is often described as having become impoverished, socially ostracized and sequestering himself away in his Alberta dormitory. None of this is true. It would be his final voyage. On Oct. Arthur became ill with heart trouble and died after only five days, on Dec.

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